Beginning with the exhibition organised in 2022 at Matadero Madrid Center, it first deals with the term Metaverse itself and its varying meanings and limits. It then presents a brief history as well as some concepts related to the topic that allow users to classify and value them in terms of usability or sustainability. To conclude, it presents different cases of virtual spaces with different formats and purposes alternative to the mainstreamed idea.

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You can also see here some information on the workshop led by LEV on Metaverses during the LEV Matadero Festival in 2022: New Narratives about Metaverses: Art practices with teenagers – Realities in transition (

Here for more information about the exhibition “Metavreses: Realities In Transition – Using Art to Explore New Digital Territories”. Inaugurated within the framework of the L.E.V Matadero festival in Madrid, it shows a selection of alternative metaverses proposed by and for artists, mainly developed during the COVID19 international crisis as an example of new spaces of creation and resilience, and promoted by several international cultural institutions.

Exploring Metarverse

Expert talk with Jesús Jara López (LEV Festival team) 

Realities in Transition, 

January 31st 2024


Jesús Jara López – Expert, L.E.V Festival

Aurélie Delater – Project coordinator, Chroniques

Mickael Lopes – Video editing, Chroniques

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