RiT is an international community that aims at both exploring and supporting alternative Extended Reality (XR) productions, and experiment new narratives and creative processes.
RiT aims at building a strong, independent European XR creative and activist community, a think tank to tackle current and future challenges in the digital sector.



We want to establish XR as a sustainable and inclusive tool for the common good.

RiT wants to consolidate and share XR related knowledge, tools and methodologies. RiT takes a critical look at XR, bringing together creation, curation and dissemination practices with education methods, privacy, ethics and sustainability issues.

We support alternative XR creation to promote new narratives.

RIT supports emerging XR creatives, artists and projects to foster inclusive and sustainable practices into experimental XR creations.

We aim at consolidating the existing XR creative Community.

Consolidating existing creative and activist XR initiatives and communities on the one hand means creating opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer learning between existing independent and activist XR initiatives, XR artists, researchers, coders, cultural and creative sector professionals, decision-makers, and the general public interested in XR and coming together to use XR as a common, open and sustainable tool in their work. On the other hand, it implies centralising existing independent and activist XR initiatives and promoting them to help them gain recognition at European level.



XR labs & workshops

To transmit open source technical, cultural and critical thinking tools for XR.
To engage members of the Creative and Activist European XR community, at a European level.

Local students and young creators.


3 international calls to encourage inclusive and sustainable projects.
2-month residencies for 15 emerging artists, mentored by the RIT experts.
Showcase of artworks at different exhibitions, fairs and festival supported by RiT.

European XR Camp

Exhibitions, Performances, Networking, Workshops, Talks, Seminars, Hackathons.
To bring together the Creative and Activist European XR community.


Open source tools, good practices, reports, interviews and projects that promote inclusive and sustainable XR.