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A.M. – Absolutely. Our methodology is inspired by the multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach used at MIT Medialab. Artists participating in our residencies at ESPRONCEDA are encouraged to collaborate without any prerequisites, fostering a comfortable and trusting environment. We provide a month-long residency (during March) where artists live together, utilizing the available technology, including 3D sound, AR, and VR.

Importantly, we ensure that artists operate without the stress of deadlines and showcases, allowing for the rapid development of well-thought-out projects. The environment we create foster the creation of synergies: the activities organized allow the artists to know each other from day one;  after this first day, the artists take part into workshops during which they can work on new projects and come up with ideas, work on new storytellings and the impact they want to have with their project.

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A.M. – NUBIA LAB is centered around exploring the transition from web 2 (individualistic, social media related, communication) to web 3 (digital experience in 3 dimensions, which means that there are no screens, and there is a need to find the right new technology that allows humans to interact). We aim to develop projects that go beyond immersivity and delve into participatory methodologies and the co-creation of new communities. Our focus is on experimental projects that leverage new technologies, and our incubation program addresses the challenge many artists face in transitioning from creation to market.

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A.M. – We have identified a common problem for artists, which is how, after developing a project, bring the project to the market and how to promote it internationally, what is the format and condition to sell it as a piece. It is clear that the artists need the advice and guidance to make the transition from the creation to the market, which is what we provide through our Incubation program. The point is to explore strategies to create income out of their artistic project and cooperation: artists often do not think about cooperating with a technology brand which may want to explore new applications of a new technology. In business you have to be creative, there are a lot of grey areas to explore.

Interview with Alejandro Martin, art director and curator at Espronceda, Institute of Art and Culture in Barcelona by Ilaria Bondavalli – Chroniques. 


Art director and curator at Espronceda, Institute of Art and Culture.

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