We usually define Extended Realities as a conceptual umbrella which hosts both very old and very new terms, such as augmented reality, mixed reality, virtual reality and the metaverse. The truth is that it is complicated to imagine such a big umbrella including the immense diversity of tools, stories, experiences, dreams, discoveries and research which have been transforming how we look at the physical world from virtuality throughout several decades. 

Such diversity is threatened when we try to homogenize and standardize the process of production, distribution and consumption of XR art projects, or when we succumb to the trends which we regularly find in public discourse. Contrary to popular belief, today’s extended reality is influenced by an unstoppable nostalgia. It is not a sad nostalgia of a better past, but a nostalgia thrilled by so many major milestones that inspired so many people in the world, but which seem to be neglected little by little, like the history of open source code behind places like High Fidelity, Vircadia, Tivoli Cloud VR and now Overte or the first software development kit for Oculus, financed thanks to a crowdsourced campaign. 

In the context of European project Realities in Transition, LEV Festival (Spain) and iMAL (Belgium) present BetaCamp XR, a streamingPARTY which wants to celebrate this diversity and this nostalgia, while inviting us to reflect on the future of Extended Realities in the European context, reminding us about how valuable have these technologies been in the past, due to their rich history. As Úrsula K. Le Guin said in her essays about Fantasy and Science-Fiction: “At this point, realism is perhaps the least adequate means of understanding or portraying the incredible realities of our existence”. 

On July 4, 5 and 6 2024, we will pay tribute to the story of audiovisual media, which have generated so many dreams under the wings of modern societies. Our streaming party will include the showcase of a wide range of projects related to extended realities, as an extension rather than a rupture of this wonderful collective story. 

Our program includes: the presentation of projects like Space’s Popular “The Portal Galleries”, or the pioneer avatar artist LaTurbo Avedon. Discussions around the work of other European creators like Deletere studio, and visits to the places where extended realities are imagined and produced. 

It will also feature presentations of committed projects like The Uncensored Library”, virtual meeting places and parties like NeuroDungeon’s NeuroXcape and Metaverse tours guided by their own creators like Uncanny Alley by MetaRick. Thanks to the work of artists, we will step into the borders of the XR concept, challenging stereotypes and clichés. 

Our big party will be specifically aimed at communities around extended realities, but also at every curious individual, who we invite to these three days of celebration, alongside with the members of the Realities in Transition project. 

L.E.V. LINE UP BetaCamp XR streamingPARTY

LaTurbo Avedon. Dandelion (Infinite Wishes and Simulation Era Practices) 
Welcome talk 

Shoeg. We Are The AI Resynthesizers _ES
Presentation of the virtual space for Realities in Transition

Adelin Schweitzer. deletere labs _FR
XR Studio presentation

Liveforevr XR LAB. Ultravioleta Immersive Podcast: Appsolescencia _ES
XR Studio presentation

Space Popular. Portal Galleries _ES
Site-specific VR installation visit

Neurodungeon. NeuroXcape eRave _ES
Virtual Reality Rave / Online Exhibition

PatriHorrillo. Uncensored Library Project by Reporters without Borders Germany
Project presentation from Minecraft

ArsGames _ES
Art and Videogames projects presentation

Jordan Moutamani. ASTREA
Expert talk from the XR Industry

Rick Treweek (MetaRick). Uncanny Alley – Into The Metaverse _ZA
Kevin Mack. Namuanki _US
VRChat guided tours

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