MUTI and Artsies Collective have gathered forces to curate an exhibition thought as an harmonious blend of physical and digital art that invited the visitors to embark on a transformative journey where the lines between nature and technology blurred into enchanting hybrids. The objective was to celebrate the beauty of organic materials while embracing the boundless possibilities of technology.

More than 20 digital pieces and installations were disseminated among the luxurious vegetation of the Greenhouse, which enhanced the connection between the plants and the visitors.
Find all information about Chroma Flora, the artists and the full programme here.

NATURE X TECH – ChromaFlora A Hybrid Art Exhibition at Estufa Fria

Artists and projects exhibiting physical works includeArta Raituma,Carlotta Premazzi,Celina Vogensen,Daphne,Eparpillé,Evgenia Emets,Katherine Shapiro,Luís Luzia,Madalena Marques,Marzia and The Spaceshipproject, Patricia Imbarus, Randal, Thinkforyourelf and204 No-Content.
Full list of featured digital artists available on

Public programFriday 15th of December

David Harder, Zeitls | 12pm-1pm | Art Tokenization Narratives: Ethical Fusion of Art and AI for Sustainable Futures

Lucía Salas, Raiz | 1pm-1.30pm | Building climate-resilient cities with a decentralised network of vertical farms

Emma Conley, Genomic Gastronomy | 1.30pm-2pm | GRIN Residency: Cyber agrarian forecasts

Gianluca Boccadifuoco, | 2.30pm-3pm | Streaming NFTs: Making digital art more accessible

Juliette Cottu, Artsies | 3pm-4.30pm | Uncovering your creativity through research and investigation 

Public program – Saturday 16th of December

Doc Gumbs, Dvue | 12pm-12.30pm | The fundamentals of NFTs: Ownership, royalties and artist empowerment

Maria Kruglyak, culturala| 12.45pm-1.20pm | Digitalisation and its impact on art and culture

Arta Raituma, Marzia Braggion and Madalena Marques, muti collective |  1.30pm-2.30pm | Meet the artists – A glimpse of the artistic creations of ChromaFlora

Evgenia Emets, Eternal Forest | 2.30pm-3.30pm | Guided tour: Eternal Forest & art experience Religar in Estufa Fria

Aurélie Delater, Realities in Transition/S+R+ARTS | 3.30pm-4.30pm | Tech, artistry and nature: European art-tech opportunities for artists

Samuel Deslesque, TDF/OASA | 4.30pm-5pm | Technology & land: Regenerative villages for a nature-backed economy

12th-17th of December 2023 for ChromaFlora

An exhibition merging art, technology and sustainability at the Estufa Fria in Lisbon.


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