Workshop Topic: topic or theme of the workshop. This sets the context for the entire description

Phygital is a term that merges the words physical plus digital and describes the blending of digital experiences with physical ones. It is in our hands to design the digital future we want and to put in place the means to make those virtual spaces creative, accessible, sustainable and diverse. In these workshops we will discover tools that allow us to reflect and imagine our relationship with technology.

Participants: The target audience or participants who attended the workshop

The workshop is design for families in mind, there will be attendees from age 8 years old with company of an adult. They will need to bring their own computer in order to access the virtual world and the electronic parts needed will be provided by the institution. 

Learning Objectives: the primary learning goals of the workshop. What skills, and knowledge was presented?

In the context of realities in Transition is a workshop that allows the audience to dive deeper between the conexions of physical and digital scenarios through technology, exploring ways to connect both worlds. 

Implementation: software/hardware or any specific equipment that was used during the workshop

For this workshop a specific electronic circuit design by TTN is needed. Also the devices to connect it to the metaverse.

Location and Duration: e.g., city, venue or name of the event. Duration of the event e.g., half-day, full-day, multiple days, overall time

This workshop was run by two members of TTN (The Things Network Madrid) and hosted by Medialab Matadero in the Matadero Art Center in Madrid the days 26th of December and 3 of January in two shifts, at 12h and at 16:30h, of two hours duration. Each slot with a maximum of ten family groups. It was sold out, with a total of 108 participants.

Key Takeaways

Design a Minetest scene was easy, although it took a bit of time to install all the required software. Also, it required to set a local area network and to sold the electronic christmas tree. At the end was two much things to do in two hours so recommended time would be more. Also 10 family groups ended up with more people that expected so it is recommended to limit the number of groups to 5 to make it more managable. 


26/12/2022 and 3/01/2023

Number of participants


Reached target groups (students, academia, economy, civil society)

Families and kids from 8 years old

Hosting partner

Matadero Madrid