The interactive workshop addresses XR artists, professionals, researchers and critical thinkers, inviting them to contribute their expert perspectives in a collaborative setting. It aims to create a critical framework, emphasizing the significance of collective debate within the community rather than individual efforts.

In the session participants will be invited to use the custom-built CXRM app, enabling participants to contribute perspectives and statements to the manifesto. During the workshop, ethical dimensions of XR will be explored in four focus groups investigating new and emerging experimental approaches to XR, overstimulation and mental health in XR, gender fluidity and gender bias and exploring new narratives and storytelling methods. 

The Critical XR Manifesto workshop sets out to reimagine and expand on the current notions of XR while following a critical, reflective line of thought and envisioning a common, open, sustainable XR as promoted by the Realities in Transition project. The event will include a networking session, fostering stronger connections and mutual understanding among XR experts.

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