We used computers in order to use Photopea, an online image editor, in which we used the face mesh references distributed by Meta on their website. The idea was to draw the avatar’s face using this face mesh as reference. We also used Meta Spark Studio and Meta Spark Player, two softwares developed by Meta and used to create unique augmented reality content. We then imported the avatar that participants created on a face mesh to create the filter.

This 2-hour long workshop was conducted by our cultural and digital mediators on a few Saturdays in Marseille, in our MEDIALAB, a multimedia laboratory for experimentation and democratization of digital, artistic and cultural practices located in la Friche la Belle de Mai.

This workshop is part of a program called [FAMILY]TECH, a free activity for families that takes place every Saturday afternoon from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm. This workshop was very well received by the public as a way to address the way we use filters and social media, and as a way to create digital art in a fun, playful way.

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11/02/2023, 25/03/2023 and 01/07/2023

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Reached target groups (students, academia, economy, civil society)


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