This workshop was aimed at children and teenagers who benefit from social care. It was open to a group of people fulfilling this requirement, and ended up reaching a group of 8 participants from the Kléber community center. 

We used computers, tablets and a 3D printer in order to create this board game, using many softwares such as Canva or InDesign for the graphic design, TinkerCad for the 3D modeling, and Artivive to create the elements in augmented reality. The goal was to help them discover and experiment with these softwares, as well as with 3D printing, in order to broaden their perspectives and understanding of art and technology.

Taking part in a program called Aires Numériques, this workshop comprises five three hour long sessions, in the span of a five days. It took place from the 13th to the 17th February 2023, during the winter school break. This workshop is part of a program called “Aires Numériques”, a free program for social workers and the people they care for. This 15-hour long workshop was conducted by our cultural and digital mediators in Marseille, in our MEDIALAB, a multimedia laboratory for experimentation and democratization of digital, artistic and cultural practices located in la Friche la Belle de Mai.

This workshop introduced students to digital arts through many different mediums, providing them with a better understanding of the digital age and how it is created around them. It was also a very playful and creative way for them to discover the creative potential of tools they often have close to them : smartphones, computers and tablets.



13/02 to 17/02/2023

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