We accepted up to 12 participants from the age of 11 accompanied by a member of La Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion. From printed abstract black and white photographs, they imagined what creatures could live in these worlds, how they would feed, move and appear. They also drew a few sketches.

Learning Objectives

The first goal of these workshops was to show the diversity of female digital artists creating in the world. We introduced the girls to Michela Pelusio with Space Time Helix and Adrien M & Claire B with FAUNE (posters in augmented reality) and Dernière Minute (an immersive and interactive installation). 
After the girls were enchanted with the immersive art they saw, the second goal was to show them they could do it too ! They got to imagine creatures from still pictures and bring them to life while learning the basics of stop motion and augmented reality.


We used iPads, computers as hardware and Photopea, Artitive Bridge and the Artivive App for the softwares. Once the creatures were imagined, the idea was to animate them on computers and an online image editor called Photopea. We created different frames and saved them as a GIF. This GIF was then exported on the online AR tool Artivive Bridge which enabled us to edit the photographs and the animated creatures and export them together. The participants could then use our Ipads (which already had the Artivive App installed on them) to animate their chosen photographs and witness their creatures come to life!

Location and Duration

This 2-hour long workshop was conducted by our cultural and digital mediators on Wednesdays in Marseille, in our MEDIALAB, a multimedia laboratory for experimentation and democratization of digital, artistic and cultural practices located in la Friche la Belle de Mai.
This workshop is part of a program called WIFILLES, a paid service which took place the 27th of September and the 29th of November from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Key Takeaways

This workshop was very well received by the girls and the members of La Fondation Agir Contre L’Exclusion. They enjoyed imagining creatures and seeing them literally come to life with the iPads.

These workshops were organized with La Fondation Agir Contre l’Exclusion in order to give teenage girls confidence in their abilities to work with technological devices, to learn about the different career opportunities available and to discover the work of female digital artists. To do so, we chose to inspire them with augmented reality where they created their creatures on paper and animated them in real life.
WIFILLES_Medialab_©Esther Carraz Meier


27/09 and 29/11 2023

Number of participants


Reached target groups (students, academia, economy, civil society)

Teenage girls to counter exclusion in the digital industries

Hosting partner


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