The use of headsets raises a number of questions about accessibility and inclusion, which artists, developers, producers and mediators need to address in order to offer these experiences to as many people as possible. Beyond the object itself, immersing oneself in a digital experience is not a trivial matter, and there is still much to be thought about when it comes to taking the human element into account in the process.
During the RIT workshop, Chroniques invites participants to reflect on these questions, with discussions in two groups based on the following points:

Onboarding and immersion
– How can we think about immersion in the work from the outset?
– How can we ensure that onboarding is accessible and empathetic?
– Experience in VR: awakening strong emotions

In the work
– What are the keys to building a safe place around immersive experiences in cultural venues?
– VR and language barriers
– VR and representations

Offboarding and the return to reality
– What precautions need to be taken to allow people to leave the experience and return to reality smoothly?

At the end of the discussions, we will invite participants to include their reflections and good practices in the Realities in Transition Manifesto, in order to share strong statements for the European creative community.

For whom: the workshop is open to all and will be accessible to people with reduced mobility.
To ensure that your contribution is as enriching as possible, we advise you to have already experienced a cultural work in Virtual Reality, and also to listen to the talk by Michele Ziegler, director of the Forum des Images, which came out of a discussion with the Realities in Transition partners, and on which we will base our exchanges.
Our aims are to share our thoughts on creative XR, highlight best practice and feed into the Realities in Transition Manifesto.


Forum des Images, dans le cadre de NewImages Festival 2024

Westfield Forum des Halles

2 rue du cinéma, 75001 Paris


24/04/2024 from 10.30am to 12.30pm


Places are limited to 12 participants. Registration required.


Coline Perreaudeau (Chroniques, Marseille)

Ilaria Bondavalli (Chroniques, Marseille)

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