Studio Comrades (Edith Dingemans & Nicol Colga)

Studio Comrades is an interdisciplinary 2.5D design studio based in Rotterdam, founded by Nicol Colga and Edith Dingemans in 2021. They intersect 2D Graphic Design and 3D New Technologies into immersive projects of societal relevance.

Description of the residency

Studio Comrades created The Distraction 5, a digitally produced installation of a boy band. This project delves into the manufacturing aspects of boy band archetypes and tropes, examining their impact on society and the pop star industrial complex. The narrative unfolds within a 2.5-dimensional “fan zone” installation, where #TD5 launches their first single (co-authored by ChatGPT). The experience includes a video clip, merchandise and an exclusive VR meet-and-greet.
Possible link to showcases / exhibitions of the project at events

The project was presented in October 2023 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (CO), at the exhibition “Realities in Transition XR Camp – Extended Worlds”.

6th March to 5th May 2023
This project was co-produced by Studio Comrades and V2_Lab for the Unstable Media as part of the Realities In Transition residencies, 2023.

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