Hugo Pilate & Pedro Gil Farias

Hugo Pilate and Pedro Gil Farias are an artist duo, specialised in the creation of collaborative experiences. Pilate, a Franco-American designer, is fascinated by the past, present and future of city-making.
Farias’ interest in the intersection of participatory and speculative design applied to public space encourages him to work on how we can bring together different groups to imagine the future of living, meeting, playing and working together.

Description of the residency

What a Mess is an installation that uses a unique approach to explore untapped urban narratives, merging plein-air painting, XR interventions, and locative arts. Hugo Pilate and Pedro Gil Farias used 3D scanning devices, forming urban exploration groups to capture digital 3D vignettes. The installation invites viewers to collaboratively uncover narrative potential within each aggregate, revealing 3D surfaces in their original state and integrated into new game environments like Skater XL and Fortnite Creative.

Possible link to showcases / exhibitions of the project at events

The project was presented in October 2023 at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb (CO), at the exhibition “Realities in Transition XR Camp – Extended Worlds”.

6th March to 5th May 2023
This project was co-produced by Hugo Pilates & Pedro Gil Farias and V2_Lab for the Unstable Media as part of the Realities In Transition residencies, 2023.

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