Eva Iszoro

Dr. Eva Iszoro is PhD architect, fashion designer, visual artist, academic and researcher in the field of experimental pattern cutting and virtual reality. She is the author of Accidental Cutting, a new experimental design and pattern cutting method focused on creation of original volumes, non existent until now, through abstract, randon and accidental cuts and patterns, and founder of eponymus fashion brand. Her PhD thesis ‘Direct methods of creative pattern cutting. Pedagogy and experimentation’ was awarded with the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Prize of the Polytechnic University in Madrid. Since 2020, Eva Iszoro has explored virtual reality as a means of creating and communicating through fashion, and of generating virtual textile artworks that correspond to unexpected sculptural volumes and spaces in motion. Actually she integrates professional practice showing Accidental Cutting fashion brand virtual collections at London Fashion Week and creating digital art, with the academic practice at King Juan Carlos University and Design School in Madrid.


Description of the residency

Description of the residency (topic, tech used, etc.)

EXPECTING FORWARD is a virtual reality experience directly influenced by the war in Ukraine. The purpose is to transmit a feeling of total uncertainty and uncertain future typical of a post-apocalyptic world.
EXPECTING FORWARD uses a virtual reality movie format and explores a 360-degree immersion, however a conventional 2D record is also made.
EXPECTING FORWARD unfolds in three parts:

I War / Hell
The starting point is a dark, apocalyptic, destroyed world, which the viewer discovers little by little by using flashing lights. The danger is intuited, both through images and sound.
II After War / Purgatory
This part symbolizes the end of the horror through white transparent dresses ascending upwards. First these envelop a transparent body and afterwards start to float in the air. The camera catches this scene in abstract way. They can be a symbol of the end of the war, but at the same time could be interpreted as representing capitulation, ghosts or death.

III New World / Paradise
A new world arises from the ruins, symbolized by volumes that invade everything, which implies the transition towards a new order, with or without humans.

In EXPECTING FORWARD the main goal is to face and discover the non-existent through experimental processes. This happens on different levels. In the first place, original and innovative volumes are generated through random, accidental, and abstract cuts and flat patterns. The ‘Accidental Cutting experimental pattern method’, which is the intellectual property of Eva Iszoro, is focused on obtaining unexpected volumetric results, which can have deeper conceptual meanings transcending the three-dimensional volumes themselves. The garments and the moving textile volumes acquire different significations in this artwork depending on their shape, colour or texture, becoming means of plastic expression in themselves. Secondly the work delves into phenomenons and perceptive experiences that are not possible in the physical world, but are in a virtual one. Finally, the process of registration and visual creation of the artwork is also experimental and expressive, as it introduces improvised elements and values, allowing itself to be carried away using effects not previously imagined by the mind, in the form of loose 3D brushstrokes that generate three-dimensional moving pictures.

Copyright – Fenna de Jong

6th March to 5th May 2023
This project was co-produced by Eva Iszoro and V2_Lab for the Unstable Media as part of the Realities In Transition residencies, 2023.

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