Чули? Чули (Have you heard? We’ve heard) builds upon Letta’s PhD research, which explores sensing, intuitive epistemologies, extended reality, and posthuman embodiment. Simultaneously a videogame and a motion capture performance, the project explores truth-shaping by manipulative online narratives, and their consequences on the offline world.

This project synthesises these research areas, crafting a compelling science fiction narrative that examines the contemporary human condition. It delves into the intricate interplay between online and offline realms, exploring manipulative narratives, belief systems, and sensory triggers.

Central to the project is an exploration of the experiences of being targeted by Russian propaganda during the war in Ukraine. It metaphorically illustrates the collision between physical reality and digital narratives, highlighting the formation of intricate belief systems that defy simple factual understanding. A key theme is the fragility of the physical realm when influenced by its digital counterpart. The game dynamically alters the player’s environment, culminating in a dance performance reflecting the player’s choices, illustrating the real-world impact of digital interactions.

RIT, CREW and iMAL, have appreciated Letta’s clear vision, drive, and insight. Furthermore, the well-developed performative aspect of Чули? Чули is close to subjects that CREW also investigates, which makes us confident that this residency will be a very fruitful experience, both, for Letta and for them. We want to thank all the applicants to this call for their proposals. We’ve been impressed with the amount of quality projects we received, and excited to discover artists we hadn’t met before!

Чули? Чули of Letta Shtohryn

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