This presentation explores the shift from spaces to significant places via techno-alchemy in virtuality, emphasizing ‘Process’ over ‘Object’. It delves into the interplay of noetic, social, virtual, and Newtonian topologies in redefining aesthetic experiences. The concept of ‘techno-alchemy’ is central, transforming space perception into places imbued with meaning, merging virtual and augmented realities with the physical, creating new hybrid topologies. This approach contrasts traditional space-place notions, focusing on ‘Process’, and prioritizing experiential journeys and interactions over final outcomes. These processes elevate aesthetic experiences beyond the physical to intellectual, emotional, and spiritual realms, fostering a deeper connection between observer and observed. The presentation concludes by envisioning virtuality as a catalyst for a new understanding of the world, reshaping interactions and experiences, transitioning from Newtonian space concepts to places as resonant emotional and intellectual landscapes, with a pronounced emphasis on the experiential process.

Dr. Iannis Bardakos, is an expert in art-technology fusion specializing in experiential, physical metaphysical and metaversal art. Dr Bardakos is an educator and an art researcher blending arts and cybernetics. He serves as co-editor of the Technoetic Arts Journal and is a member of the American Society of Cybernetics. His work, intertwining mathematics with artistic exploration, extends to global digital art education. A hunter-gatherer of forms and non-localities, Bardakos’ art research navigates the realms of computational arts, emphasizing self-reference and paradoxes in his linguistically diverse and inventive creations.

About Shifting Cosmologies

More Than Human XR is a series of presentations and interviews that instigates a discursive conversation about XR technologies and their place in our default anthropocentric world. We consider how XR technology may be used as a theoretical framework and navigational toolkit to reimagine our shifting cosmologies from an anthropocentric reality to one encompassing ecocentrism realities beyond the human experience. We see this as a first step in generating sustained conversations about non-human centric XR and the intersection with the areas of philosophy, critical theory, and creative practice in collaboration with the humanities, sciences, and technology in the future. Shifting Cosmologies: More Than Human XR is organized by the XResearch Cluster, a collaborative research cluster between V2_Lab for the Unstable Media and the Design, Technology, and Radical Media Lab.


7 DEC 2023

11:00 TO 12:30


Duke Kunshan University CC Performance

Cafe / ZOOM 936-1095-9568 / PASSWORD: SHIFTING

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