At the initiative of a group of professionals from the South of France and in partnership with the Festival d’Avignon, the « Performing arts, digital stages » meetings invite professionals from the performing arts to consider the issues of digital transition and innovation (augmented and virtual stages, immersive theatre, hybrid forms, interactive devices, participative performances, etc.).
An event co-hosted by Dark Euphoria, le Grenier à Sel, la Villa Créative / Université d’Avignon, la French Tech Grande Provence with the support of the CNC, Grand Avignon, Afdas and the HACNUM network.

Friday the 5th 2024, Le Grenier à Sel, Avignon

9:30-10:00 am – Opening with Pierre Gendronneau | Executive Director, Festival d’Avignon

10:00-11:15 am – The performing arts meet a new generation of spectators
Amandine De Cosas Fernandes | Head of communication, Opéra National de Lorraine
Jean Boillot | Stage director, Cie La Spirale
Arnaud Meunier | Director, MC2: scène nationale de Grenoble
Moderator : Marie Point | Director, Dark Euphoria

11:15-11:30 am – SVSN open call pitch « OTREDADES Y MALENTENDIDOS » – Rocio Berenguer

11:45-12:30 am – Immersive culture and metavers, France 2030 opportunities for performing arts with Secrétariat Général pour l’Investissement (SGPI)Bpifrance and Ministère de la Culture

12:30-12:45 pm – SVSN open call pitch « Mur de Fresnes » – Judith Depaule

2:00-2:15 pm – SVSN open call pitch « De Diaboli » – Christine Armanger

2:15-3:30 pm – International focus – a cross-section of views on digital transformations in live performance
Vanessa Hannesschlaeger | Head of European projects, Ars Electronica
Chiaki Soma | Representative Director, NPO Arts Commons Tokyo  
and professionnals from the international delegation | HACNUM
Moderator : Ilaria Bondavalli | Head of European projects, Chroniques

3:30-3:45 pm – SVSN open call pitch « Futur(s) » – Isis Fahmy & Benoît Renaudin

4:00-5:15 pm Immersive technologies for inclusion
Daniela Garcia | Co-founder, Sound X
Eric Minh Cuong Castaing | Choreographer, Cie Shonen
Clément Thibault | Director of digital and visual arts, Le Cube Garges
Moderator : Laurence Le Ny | Vice-president, French Tech Grande Provence

5:15-5:30 pm – SVSN open call pitch « Tryhard » – Samuel Hackwill

Saturday the 6th, morning at Avignon University, afternoon at Le Grenier à Sel

Morning at Avignon University

9:30-10:30 am – XR devices in the theatre: standardisation, distribution, audience reception
Marie Ballarini | Teacher-researcher, DRM Laboratory, MOST Team, Paris Dauphine University – PSL
Charles-Alexandre Delestage | Lecturer in Information and communication, MICA LaboratoryUniversité Bordeaux Montaigne
A study carried out as part of Scènes augmentées – program « Expériences Augmentées du Spectacle Vivant » from France 2030 of the cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector from France 2030, operated by Banque des Territoires | Groupe Caisse des Dépôts.


10:30-11:15 am – Renewing the theatrical experience with spatialized sound 
Jérémy Pouilloux | Producer, la Générale de Production

10:30-11:15 am – Legal issues: what questions should you ask when setting up a hybrid project?Clara Benyamin | Lawyer
A workshop carried out as part of Scènes augmentées – program « Expériences Augmentées du Spectacle Vivant » from France 2030 of the cultural and creative industries (CCI) sector from France 2030, operated by Banque des Territoires | Groupe Caisse des Dépôts.

11:30-12:15 am – Shared software for live performance: augmented reality, massive interaction, real-time audio, etc.
Maxime Touroute | Creative technologist

11:30-12:15 am – Expertise, project grants and resources of the French Institute for International Development
Hannah Loué | Digital and audiovisual creation project manager,, Institut français
A workshop as part of Realities In Transition, co-funded by the program Europe Creative from the European Commission 

Afternoon at Le Grenier à Sel

2:00-2:45 pm – The impact of AI on the performing arts professions
Jean Condé | Director of the observatory for forward-looking employment and certification at Afdas + Doctor in human sciences

2:45-4:00 pm – From new writing to new stage forms: what skills?
Camille Duvelleroy | Director 
Antoine Vanel | Creative technologist, Blindsp0t
Samuel Tétreault | Artistic director and co-founder, Les 7 doigts de la main
Moderator : Géraldine Farage | Director, Pôle Pixel

4:15-5:30 pm – Real stages vs virtual stages: will the future of live performance be hybrid?
Alexandra Marin | Head of R&D projects, Société des Arts Technologiques
Michel Reilhac | Curator, Venice Immersive
Julie Peigné | Project development assistant and artistic collaborator, Théâtre de la Ville
Moderator : Isha Bottin | International project officer, XN Québec

5:30-6:30 pm – Presentation of the SVSN prize
Opening with Julien Dubuc | Stage director, Invivo – Winner of the SVSN Prize 2023
Cédric Martins | Head of communication, Afdas
Guy Moureau | Vice-prsident, Grand Avignon
and the jury of SVSN Prize 2024

#SVSN2024 is also the perfect occasion to discover and experiment the renewal of theater and live performance. Click here to discover more about the 5 artistic projects and technological demonstrations that will be showcased during the event. 

Professional meetings > 5 & 6 july 2024 in Avignon.

Le Grenier à Sel

2 Rue Rem Saint-Lazare, 84000 Avignon

Avignon Université

74 Rue Louis Pasteur, 84029 Avignon

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